"We Build Better Athletes"                         

Our multi week strength & conditioning and performance camps are designed for athletes who want to take their athletic performance IN ANY SPORT to the next level. If you are committed to improve your athletic ability, these camps are for you. A Sport Performance Assessment will assess your starting fitness level, from there training will be planed to increase strength, power, agility, core strength, dynamic balance, reactive power, change of direction speed,  power endurance and flexibility.  Other local companies place developing athletes into large training groups with little coach-athlete individual attention and coaching. We run smaller training groups so our professional coaches can focus more individual attention and time on each athlete. All of our training occurs in a private training facility.  

Our camps will provide:

Professional Coaching                              Small supervised training groups

4300 sqft training facility                      

Safe and fun training space                      Age appropriate programs                    

High coach / athlete interaction time         Results !!


"I would like to call attention to Stride Sport and Performance in Kamloops, BC.

David Stride in the best all-round sport performance professional in Kamloops, BC. He has helped me several times over the course of my career with steady conduct, top of the line equipment and scientific methods. Often going above and beyond in his operation. I would recommend David Stride to any athlete who is serious about closing the gap to the elite level".

Justin Rodhe, 2012 Olympian

Run Strength & Development Program

Start Date: May 1 

End Date: May 25

Wednesday @ 7:00 PM

Saturday @ 9:00 AM

Session Duration: 60-80 minutes

Fee: $160.00

If you have desire to either improve your run performance, strength, or become more resilient against those nagging injuries this 4 week runner specific program is for you. You will be taught correct running mechanics, run specific strength exercises, and lots of take home exercises for you to implement and use for many run seasons.  


2019 sUMMER STRENGTH & performance camp                                                                                                                                        




Intended for athletes who have at least 1-2 years experience with a formal training program. Athletes are playing their sport at a high competative level. Athletes in this group are univeristy to national level players.  

Dates: July 2 - August 24

Days: Monday - Tuesday - Thursday - Friday

Time: TBA

Location: 175 2nd Ave, Kamoops BC





Intended for individuals who have a desire to become a better athlete. Athletes are playing their sport at a competative level or want to play at a more competative level. Athletes in this group are playing at a developmental level in their sport. Many of the athletes in the Advanced camp have completed the training in this program.

Dates: July 2 - August 23

Days: Monday - Wednesday - Thursday

Time: comming soon


Registration Form: /files/documents/Athlete Registration Form.pdf

Contact David to sign up for camp:  david@strideperformance.ca or 250.572.4987


Stride Speed Camp

Stride Sport and Performance's Stride Speed School brings your team a program that will ensure development of all performance parameters that will make your team faster and more powerful on the playing field and rink. Other speed programs train acceleration and top speed however our team speed program develops and improves all performance variables of athletic game speed. The Stride Speed school will make your team faster and more powerful in it's acceleration, top speed, multidirectional speed, and deceleration power. In addition, we will provide a resistance program needed to improve your team's athletic game speed. All teams start the Stride Speed School with baseline testing that measures performance variables of speed, power and agility.

  • Acceleration and Top Speed Development
  • Linear Game Speed
  • Multidirectional Speed
  • Deceleration Power
  • Strength and Power Lifts

Hockey In Season Training Programs

Pee Wee, Bantam, Midget and Junior Players and Teams


  • Age appropriate training program design and supervision
  • Training 1-2x per week
  • 60 minute training sessions
  • General and specific strength development
  • Agility
  • Speed
  • Core strength
  • Performance testing for strength, speed, reactive power and power endurance.

    Morning training sessions

    Oct - March

Contact David to for specific individual or team training needs. david@strideperformance.ca


For more information on additional Hockey performance programs:  www.strideperformance.ca/sports