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We had the opportunity to work with David Stride in the 2012 season. I ask David to help our team with injury prevention, strength and fitness. David quickly established a good raptor with the team, identified and worked with girls who were at risk of injury and helped us set a good fitness standard for the team. We were very pleased with the work David did with the team. Partly as a result of David's efforts, we went through the entire season without any serious injuries. The team had a very successful season;  including winning the 2012 "A" cup provincial championship. We very much appreciate the work David did with the team and would highly recommend other teams consider working with David.

David Lloyd

Coach, U15 Rep Girls Soccer

2012 U15 "A" Provincial Champions


"I would like to call attention to Stride Sport and Performance in Kamloops, BC.

David Stride in the best all-round sport performance professional in Kamloops, BC. He has helped me several times over the course of my career with steady conduct, top of the line equipment and scientific methods. Often going above and beyond in his operation. I would recommend David Stride to any athlete who is serious about closing the gap to the elite level".

Justin Rodhe, 2012 Olympian



I am very pleased to write this testimonial for David. David has been my Strength and Conditioning Coach for the past two years for the TRU WolfPack Womens Soccer team. David is a professional in every way.
David delivered our team's in season and off season fitness program and also evaluated each and every player. He did a pre season, mid season and post season testing on the players. He conducted our fitness sessions and would take the players who hadn’t played that day or had played very little to do a session in order to keep their fitness level high.
David and I would talk every week about the players and he would let me know if someone was struggling with their fitness level.
He would also attend our games and take the lead for the team warm ups. He did filming in order to see how the players were doing individually. This was excellent information for him and also for me as the head coach.

David is excellent in everything that he does.

Tom McManus, Head Coach
TRU Women’s Soccer Team


TEAM LEVEL 1: Pee Wee & U12 - U13 Teams

Ages 10-12 or 0 -1 years of training experience

Customized programs dependent on team needs and may include:

  • Physical Literacy Development
  • Athletic Motor Skills Development
  • Fundamental Movement Development
  • Injury Prevention
  • Core Strength and Body Weight Lifts
  • Joint Stability and Body Awareness
  • Landings
  • Run Drills: Gait Mechanics, Acceleration, Deceleration, Speed, Change of Direction

TEAM LEVEL 2: Bantam & U14 - U15 Teams

Ages 13 – 14 or 1 – 2 years of training experience

Customized programs dependent on team needs and may include:

  • Injury Prevention
  • Refine Fundamental Movements
  • Athletic Motor Skill Development
  • Progressions on Level 1 Core and Body Lifts
  • Introduction to Resistance Training Lifts
  • Introduction to Lower Body Power Lifts
  • Build on Short Range Acceleration
  • Jumps and Jump Circuits
  • Medicine Ball Throws 
  • Single Leg Body Weight Lifts and Jumps
  • Aerobic and Anaerobic Power Development

TEAM LEVEL 3: Midget & U16 - U17/18 Teams

Ages 15 – 17 or 2 – 4 years of training experience

Customized programs dependent on team needs and may include:

  • Build on Level 2
  • Intro and Progression on Power/Olympic Lifts
  • Dynamic Balance Progressions
  • Medicine Ball Exercises
  • Injury Prevention
  • Build on Reactive Component of Change of Direction and Agility
  • First Step Quickness and Acceleration
  • Top Speed Development
  • Build Anaerobic and Aerobic Power Capacity


18 + - 5 plus years training experience

Customized programs dependent on team needs and may include:

  • Build on Youth Jr. Level
  • Injury Prevention Exercises
  • Develop Peak Strength
  • Reactive Strength
  • Advanced Agility and Change of Direction Skills
  • Anaerobic and Aerobic Capacity Development
  • Anaerobic and Aerobic Development
  • Power/ Olympic Lift Development and Mastery
  • Dynamic Balance Development and Mastery