Youth Athlete Strength and Conditioning Programs

"We Build Better Athletes"


"I would like to call attention to Stride Sport and Performance in Kamloops, BC.

David Stride in the best all-round sport performance professional in Kamloops, BC. He has helped me several times over the course of my career with steady conduct, top of the line equipment and scientific methods. Often going above and beyond in his operation. I would recommend David Stride to any athlete who is serious about closing the gap to the elite level". 

Justin Rodhe, 2012 Olympian

 Hockey Strength and Conditioning

    September to June

    Group Training

        Pee Wee, Bantam, and Midget age.

        Days: Monday 4:30pm - 5:30pm 

                Wednesday 3:30 - 4:30

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How Does it Work? 

All of our athletes at Stride Sport & Performance, begin their training with a individual consultation. After a complete assessment of each athlete's unique needs and goals, we develop the most influential and beneficial training program possible. 


Step 1: The Assessment

         Each athlete assessment may include: 

 • Joint Mobility                                      • Power

  Joint Stability                                     • Strength

                        Balance                                              Speed

                        Range of Motion                                   Acceleration 

                        Movement Deficiencies                         Aerobic Power  

                        Anthropometric Measurements                Anaerobic Power and Capacity

                        Health History                                      Neuromuscular Reactive Ability

Step 2: Program Development

 Based on findings of the assessment and goals of the athlete, Stride Sport & Performance will then design a science-  based program to optimize performance, reduce injury risk, and empower the athlete for success. 

  Our programs include the following:

       • Foam roll stretching & myofascial release                        • First step quickness

      • Active warmup with dynamic stretching                            Strength development

      • Core activation and corrective movement drills                • Power development

       • Joint mobility and stability exercises                                • Anaerobic capacity development

      • Linear and multi directional speed                               • Plyometric exercises

      • Change of direction ability                                                  Mental toughness and focus

      Core development                                                               Recovery and regeneration strategies

Step 3: Training 

All  training programs at Stride Sport & Performance take place in a private or semi-private small group training environment. The professional coaching we provide to athletes will not only develop athletic performance abilities but we also strive to educate athletes for their long term success. We strive for a training environment that is positive, stimulating,  educational, motivating, and fun. 

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David Stride:  250 572 4987



Do you prefer to train at a public gym or at home? We offer great training programs for athletes who are not able to train at our facility. 

Athlete Performance 1

  • 8 week program duration
  • Initial consultation & meeting
  • Initiation screen & assessment
  • Functional movement assessment
  • Individualised program design
  • Sport specific program
  • Instruction and coaching of program (60-90min)
  • 1 follow up session (60 min)
  • 1 program adjustment/progression if needed

       Fee: $320.00
    Optional add-on: Sport performance and strength testing
                            Gait analysis


Athlete Performance 2

  • 12 week program duration
  • Initial consultation & meeting
  • Initiation screen & assessment
  • Functional movement assessment
  • Individualised program design
  • Sport specific program
  • Instruction and coaching of program (60-90 min)
  • 2 follow up sessions (2 x 60 min)
  • 2 program adjustments (3rd and 6th week)

    Fee: $400.00


Athlete Performance 3

  • 12 week program duration
  • Initial consultation & meeting
  • Initiation screen & assessment
  • Functional movement assessment
  • Sport Performance testing at start and finish
  • Strength testing at start and finish
  • Testing report at completion
  • Individualised program design
  • Sport specific program
  • Instruction of program
  • 2 follow up sessions (2 x 60min)
  • 2 program adjustments

    Fee: $558.00 


Examples of training based on age, training experience and abilities:

Youth Level 1  /  Learning to Train

Ages 10-12 or 0 -1 years of training experience

Focus on Physical Literacy Development
Fundamental Movement Development
Core and Body Weight Lifts
Joint Stability and Body Awareness
Run Drills: Leg Recovery, Acceleration, Deceleration, Speed, Change of Direction

Youth Level 2 / Training to Train

Ages 13 – 14 or 1 – 2 years of training experience

Physical Literacy Development
Progressions on Level 1 Core and Body Lifts
Introduction to Resistance Training Lifts
Introduction to Lower Body Power Lifts
Build on Short Range Acceleration
Jumps and Jump Circuits
Medicine Ball Throws 
Single Leg Body Weight Lifts and Jumps
Aerobic and Anaerobic Power Development

 Speed Development

Stride Sport and Performance's speed development program brings the athlete a program that will ensure development of all performance parameters that will make you faster and more powerful on the playing field. Other speed programs train acceleration and top speed however SSP develops and improves all performance variables of athletic game speed. SSP will make you faster and more powerful in your acceleration, top speed, multidirectional speed, and deceleration power. In addition, SSP will provide a resistance program needed to improve your athletic game speed. All athletes start the Speed program with the Stride Sport Assessment that measures performance variables of speed, power and agility.

  • Joint Stability and Mobility
  • Acceleration and Top Speed Development
  • Linear Game Speed
  • Multidirectional Speed
  • Deceleration Power
  • Strength and Power Lifts


Youth Jr.  /  Training to Compete an Win

Ages 15 – 17 or 2 – 4 years of training experience
Build on Level 2
Intro and Progression on Power/Olympic Lifts
Dynamic Balance Progressions
Build on Reactive Component of Change of Direction and Agility
First Step Quickness and Acceleration
Top Speed Development
Build Anaerobic and Aerobic Power Capacity

Elite  /  Training to Win

18 + - 5 years training experience
Build on Youth Jr. Level
Corrective Exercises
Power/ Olympic Lift Development and Mastery
Dynamic Balance Development and Mastery
Develop Peak Strength

Individual Training

Train with a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists by yourself or with a friend to receive more individual attention. If you are unsure of training in a group setting or prefer to train individually, Stride Sport and Performance will provide a program suited to your needs and goals. After learning your goals as well as important background information each client is provided with a screening assessment that provides important information of each individual. Once information is gained through the assessment screen, corrective exercises are provided to the client to correct any weaknesses, imbalances, stability or movement restrictions. From there, you will progress through a personal training program tailored to meet your goals.